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Category : Military Hardware & Accessories
Product Name : Gas mask
Product Brand : MF11(B) military mode gas mask
Product Specifications
MF11(B) gas mask is all-purpose protective mask or NBC mask. MF11(B) individual protective gas mask is designed to protect the wearer's respiratory organs, eyes, and facial skin against chemical toxic agents, biological agents and radioactive dust. This gas mask is manufactured according to the International GB 2890-95 General Technical Specifications of Gas Masks. Impregnated activated carbon in the canister is used for protection against chemical toxic agents and smoke filter is used against biological bacteria & radioactive dust. All our gas mask are sold with brand new filters and have never been used. It has 10 years storage life. For the promotion purpose, we give ebay users an unbelievable deal and will not make any money from them. You can get this mask for $55 FOB San Francisco(This is military grade mask and originally listed for $240. For detail information, please visit our website: www.maskonsale.com
Product Location : USA
City : San Francisco,
Country : United States
Product Quantity : 1000
Product Price : FOB San Francisco US$55/each
Payment Terms : T/T or L/C
Product Packing : Carton box
Posting Date : 01-07-2002
Company Information
Company Name : ETRADE SKY
Contact Person : Ellen Lu
Company Address : 707 Continental Circle, ste. 516
City : Mountain View
Country : United States
Telephone : 1-650-9887186
Fax : 1-413-6043190
Other Information

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