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Meet our Management Team Company Profile
Meet our Management Team

Animesh Basu, Co-Founder & General Manager.
A graduate engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur with post graduate qualifications in general management from IIM, Calcutta. He has 23 years experience in technology marketing, project management and information technology. He also brings with him a wealth of trading experience including five years with the British Foreign Office's trade promotion section at the High Commission in India during which several of the services became web enabled and the FCO & TradeUK sites were launched. He has also been associated with setting up of other IT projects and B2B websites. Mr. Basu has considerable international working experience with tenures in Russia, UK, India and the UAE. He is involved in providing overall direction and technology inputs to Businessdubai.com and overseeing the day-to-day management of the company.

N C Kumbhat, Director Financial Services.
Mr. Kumbhat is a qualified Chartered Accountant from India and has 22 years international working experience in Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and United States. He has significant strength in the areas of Financial & Fiscal Management, Banking, Treasury and Taxation with considerable exposure to market dynamics of commodities, currencies and politco-economic risks. He has high ratings for issues related to financial and fiscal structuring.

Company Profile
Businessdubai.com is a unique portal that has been set up as a marketplace for the trading community. It has been mandated with an ambitious goal of leveraging new technology and media to attain better efficiencies in business to business transactions. The site recognizes certain traditional needs of the trading community in transacting business and offers a unique blend of technology and tradition.

A special feature that Businessdubai.com brings to its users is the facility of online negotiation of not just the prices, but also other terms like packaging, shipment schedule, quantity, pre-shipment inspection , and payment terms which are all important constituents of a realistic deal. In addition, it also offers off-line services of experienced trade managers through the HELPLINE facility where users are able to seek clarifications whenever it becomes necessary. The site has many other user friendly features and has been designed to make even the most traditional of traders feel comfortable .

As the name implies, Businessdubai.com is built on a model that leverages the many real life advantages of DUBAI as one of the fastest growing trading hubs in the region . However, using technology Businessdubai.com is able to extend these advantages on a wider footprint that encompasses the Middle East, CIS and Russia, the Indian Sub-Continent, parts of the Asia Pacific region and Africa. In order to be a part of the global trading network businessdubai.com has an ongoing programme of establishing LINKS with other sites who have the potential to extend your market reach as a buyer or seller beyond the tradivtional geographical boundaries.

Businessdubai.com will soon be linked to trade organizations, chambers of Commerce and other similar bodies in various countries in the region through whom information is exchanged and multiplied.

Businessdubai.com is operated by Businessdubai.com Inc. an Internet company based at Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE. Founded in October 1999, the company has set itself an ambitious growth target in the business to business trading arena. The company is led by a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals from the fields of global trading and internet technology and has a strong support team.


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