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Category : Gems & Jewellery
Product Name : Emerald 4pcs.TWT. 4.05ct
Product Brand :
Product Specifications
This set has matching two pieces for Ear-rings, One piece for finger-ring, and one piece for pendant. All the pieces are eye-clean, dark green in colour, weight of all 4 pieces is 4.05ct..These are really good pieces for delicate looking simple set. If you put diamonds around, it will just be fantastic. Free shipping & Insurance. No escrow.
Product Location : Mumbai - India
City : Mumbai
Country : India
Product Quantity : 4pcs.wt.4.05ct
Product Price : US$1100.00
Payment Terms : wire transfer.
Product Packing : Tin box.
Company Information
Company Name : Minex India
Contact Person : Shripad Jathar
Company Address : 207 C, Laxmi Sadan, Dr.Ambedkar Road,Matunga,Mumbai, India
City : Mumbai
Country : India
Telephone : 91-22-4158622
Fax :
Other Information

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